Life Finder attracts new investors

Skin in the Game IP operates as a strategic partner and investor in tech start-ups and SME companies. Skin in the Game IP focuses on companies where there is great potential in boosting values of intellectual assets, e.g. inventions and other intellectual properties (IP).

Skin in the Game IP is managed by John Karlström who has been working almost 20 years in the IP and patent industry, especially for start-ups and SMEs. Co-founders are Mårten Öbrink with more than 20 years investment and board experience in tech start-ups, and Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, Founder and CEO of Orbital Systems AB.

“We are meeting start-ups continuously, and LifeFinder caught our interest in the very first meeting. LifeFinder has a great market potential with its strong tech platform and business model.” 

For more information: Contact Anders Schening, CEO 
Mobile: +46 703 704585