Dive into a world of impactful partnerships that drive safety innovation to new heights.

Here, we highlight exceptional cases that showcase the power of collaboration in shaping a safer future across various sectors.

LifeFinder Embarks on a Maritime Adventure with Maersk for Connected Shipping

We are elated to unveil our newest venture alongside Maersk, highlighting our mutual devotion to revolutionizing the maritime industry through the power of IoT. This venture champions the concept of connected ships, an embodiment of safety and technological finesse on the vast oceans.

By integrating LifeFinder’s IoT prowess, we have managed to blanket the entire ship, tapping into over 100,000 data points using state-of-the-art LoRa technology. This innovation promises easy installation, expansive coverage, and extended battery life, reiterating our dedication to creating seamless, high-performing systems.

On this journey with Maersk, we have emphasized the practical implementation of our technology. From “man overboard” alerts to CO2/gas alarms and even ensuring the closure of doors that must remain shut, our focus has been on enhancing onboard safety. Additionally, water leak detection and an alarm system to swiftly pinpoint everyone on board in emergencies, such as fires, showcases our deep commitment to welfare aboard.

Steen Sander Jacobsen, Head of Fleet Technology and Innovation at Maersk Tankers, praised our work, stating, “LifeFinder’s technology is truly groundbreaking. It has the potential to transform the maritime industry in terms of safety.”

This partnership with Maersk is just the tip of the iceberg for LifeFinder. As pioneers in safety tech innovation, we are set on steering the maritime world towards more secure horizons. Our day aboard the Maersk ship, from morning till they wrapped up loading cargo, was a testament to our efficacy and dedication.

Join us as we navigate through this wave of innovation and safety, promising new milestones in our continuous effort to make the maritime domain a bastion of safety and tech excellence.


LifeFinder Initiates Collaboration with Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg for a Safer Future

At LifeFinder we are proud to announce the commencement of an ambitious partnership with Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg. This collaboration underscores our joint commitment to enhancing the safety of our courageous firefighters, particularly during challenging situations like forest fires, where teams are often more dispersed.

LifeFinder, renowned for its advanced IoT solutions, will integrate these technologies into the daily operations of Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg. This aims to provide additional protection and security for our brave firefighters during their heroic efforts to protect the community.

“We are extremely grateful to be collaborating with Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg,” says the CEO of LifeFinder. “We look forward to demonstrating the impact of our safety tech innovation on the frontlines, and we are confident that this partnership will form an integral part of our joint pursuit towards a safer future for our brave heroes.”

LifeFinder continues to be at the forefront of developing innovative safety technology solutions. By integrating advanced IoT systems into everyday operations, we can offer effective and lifesaving solutions to various sectors in society.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing work and this exciting partnership. We are eager to show the world the positive impact LifeFinder’s innovations can have on those who risk their lives to protect us every day.

We look forward to building on this partnership and making even more strides in our quest to make the world a safer place.

LifeFinder and the Safetytech Accelerator Partnership Aiming for Safer Nearshore Operations

At LifeFinder we are proud to announce our participation in the esteemed Waypoint 4 program by Safetytech Accelerator and Lloyd’s Register. This prestigious affiliation marks a new era in our commitment to the advancement of safety and risk mitigation in high-risk industries.

The Safetytech Accelerator stands as the first accelerator fully dedicated to technological advancement within the realms of safety and risk across industrial sectors. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission of ensuring safety and saving lives in high-risk environments, such as the nearshore marine industry, through our proactive detection devices.

Our groundbreaking device represents a significant evolution in safety technology. It works by detecting and alerting to dangerous and life-threatening situations, thereby contributing to a safer working environment. Its simplicity and effectiveness are manifested in the smooth integration with daily safety gear used by the industry’s workforce.

In partnering with the Safetytech Accelerator, our aim is to revolutionize the maritime industry by confronting and addressing safety and risk challenges during nearshore operations. We believe that this collaborative initiative brings us one step closer to realizing our vision of making marine onshore and offshore environments safer for all involved parties.

As we embark on this journey, we look forward to working closely with global maritime partners. With the support and expertise offered by the Safetytech Accelerator, we are committed to shaping a safer and more reliable maritime landscape.


LifeFinder and Research Institutes of Sweden Team Up to Revolutionize Maritime Safety

In a significant stride towards elevating safety standards in the maritime industry, LifeFinder is leveraging its years of expertise and its advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology. In collaboration with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and IoT sensor experts from Linnéuniversitetet, LifeFinder is dedicated to reshaping the future of cargo transportation safety.

LifeFinder has a long-standing reputation for enhancing worker safety. Now, using their deep-rooted knowledge in IoT technology, LifeFinder has engineered sensors that can monitor cargo movements closely during transportation. This state-of-the-art technology effectively identifies any unusual shifts in the cargo’s securing systems, thereby enhancing the security of valuable cargo.

The goal of this initiative is not only to safeguard the lives of maritime workers but also to protect the integrity of the cargo they transport. By integrating their technology with existing safety measures, LifeFinder aims to lead the industry in ensuring the safety of the cargo, the vessels, and most importantly, the maritime workers.

This groundbreaking project is supported and funded by Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus, an acknowledgment of the potential this collaboration has to transform safety standards within the maritime industry. The combined expertise of LifeFinder, RISE, and Linnéuniversitetet promises to be a powerful force in advancing safer and more secure shipping practices.