ARC shipping adopts cutting-edge Swedish Safety Technology

We are excited to announce that American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group (ARC) shipping companies will introduce innovative Swedish technology from LifeFinder this June.
Designed for extreme working environments, this technology quickly locates crew members in emergencies.

“Reducing the time between notification of an onboard event and response to that incident is critical in ensuring a positive outcome.” Says Fred Finger, Senior Vice President an head of Operations, ARC.

Following an extensive pilot study, ARC is equipping its first vessel with this technology, aiming to implement it fleet-wide. This new system, with sensors and a unique 5-year battery life, uses all available search methods, from satellites to local networks, to provide precise locations and instructions for fast search and rescue.

Our CEO, Anders Schening, highlighted, “Our technology sets a new safety standard in the marine industry and can lead to life-saving interventions.”

With LifeFinder, ARC expects to significantly enhance onboard safety, protecting both crew and valuable cargo.

For more information: Contact Anders Schening, CEO 
Mobile: +46 703 704585