The intelligent alert system
that saves lives

Step boldly into the future of workplace safety with LifeFinder. 

We offer cutting-edge IoT solutions that integrate effortlessly into daily safety routines, proactively detecting and alerting to danger in harsh and hazardous environments.

Introducing LifeFinder

Step into a new era of worker safety with LifeFinder, our revolutionary intelligent alert system designed to uphold safety protocols. Our goal is to eliminate potential injuries and fatal accidents in the most remote and challenging environments.

Our state-of-the-art sensors are both agile and essential, providing crucial data about location and status that can trigger automated life-saving actions. These sensors detect abnormal conditions such as water, shock, temperature, and movement, making them ideal for integration into wearables, workwear, and equipment.

Unmatched safety

Safety is more than a word at LifeFinder; it’s our guiding principle. Our intelligent sensors are designed to constantly monitor for abnormal conditions such as water, shock, temperature, and movement. This continuous surveillance makes LifeFinder the ultimate safety solution, particularly for hazardous and remote locations where traditional safety measures may fall short. But it’s not just about detecting danger; it’s about proactively managing it. 

With multi-sensors and long-range capabilities, our system facilitates faster and more efficient search and rescue operations. This means employees can work confidently, knowing their safety is being monitored and ensured at all times.

Easy integration

At LifeFinder, we believe that advanced safety solutions should enhance daily routines, not complicate them. This belief is what drives our design for easy integration. Our sensors can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of workwear, equipment, and wearables. They’re easy to use, easy to maintain, and built to withstand the most challenging physical environments. But it’s more than just convenience; it’s about creating a culture of safety that empowers employees. 

By integrating LifeFinder’s intelligent alert system, employers can enhance their existing safety protocols with advanced technology, providing the ultimate protection for their workforce without additional hassle.

Pocket-sized vigilance

Step into the brisk winds of offshore sectors with Lifefinder securely nestled in your jacket pocket.

Our intelligent alert system isn’t just about wearing a guardian; it’s about alerting the right help when you need it. Our advanced sensors stay alert so you can focus on your task, providing crucial updates to colleagues and emergency services about your well-being. In an industry where conditions can change rapidly, Lifefinder offers a protective cocoon of safety, acting as your beacon in the vast expanse of the offshore world.

We've got your back

Secure Lifefinder in your backpack as you ascend the towering heights of wind turbines.

In an environment where every step counts, Lifefinder acts as your personal watchtower, monitoring your status and alerting your team if it detects danger. Our system understands the unique challenges of managing wind farms and stands as your reliable ally.  With Lifefinder at your back, quite literally, you can scale new heights knowing that we’re right there with you, keeping a watchful eye on your safety.

Head-on safety

Rush headlong into emergencies, with Lifefinder adorning your helmet, acting as a vital link between you and your team.

For emergency service personnel, every second counts, and swift communication can make all the difference. Lifefinder understands this urgency. Mounted on your helmet, our alert system provides immediate updates about your status, ensuring you’re never alone, even in the heart of crisis.  With Lifefinder, it’s not just about facing danger head-on, it’s about ensuring you’re backed by a team that’s ready to step in when needed.

Take action today

Our intelligent alert system is designed to handle the unique challenges of each industry, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in all conditions. Whether you’re in the offshore sector, managing a wind farm, or part of an emergency service team, LifeFinder is your partner in maintaining the highest safety standards.

We invite you to reach out and explore how LifeFinder can revolutionize your safety protocols. No matter your industry or specific needs, our team is ready to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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About us

LifeFinder is committed to integrating advanced technology with safety protocols to prevent injuries and save lives. Established in the realm of harsh and hazardous environments, we’ve designed an intelligent alert system that seamlessly fits into workers’ everyday safety routines.

Our dedicated team understands the critical importance of speed when accidents occur. With this in mind, we’ve developed durable and maintenance-free devices capable of detecting and evaluating multiple life-threatening scenarios. 


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