The Mission

Cruise Lines

The top five cruise lines in the world take 22 million passengers per year generating a revenue of USD 32B per annum which represents 88% of the global cruise line market. This makes the cruise line industry one of the most consolidated industries in the world. Besides the risk for passengers falling overboard, there are often several pools on each cruise ship posing a risk mainly to children. Furthermore passengers occasionally spend time on beaches while off-ship.

Deaths from overboard and drowning unfortunately happens. LifeFinder provides a solution to cruise line water safety. A solution that in addition to the improved safety and comfort of the passengers and staff of the cruise ships also adds value to both passengers and the cruise line in terms of providing passenger localising services when visiting land destinations. LifeFinder could also be integrated with the regular cruise RFID wristband used as access key to the ship and to the cabin.

Sea Rescue and Shipping Lines

The yearly revenue of the five largest Shipping Lines is USD 97B with 3,200 vessels and a total of 100,000 employees. On average each vessel 35 employees and a revenue of USD 31M per year.

Sea Rescue personell will benefit from having people with Life Finder in search and rescue operations.

LifeFinder will provide safety against overboard drowning.

Oil Rigs

There are currently 1,332 oil rigs in the world. Oil rig workers only wear safety suits with tracking devices during transportation.

LifeFinder will provide safety while on the platform.

Hotel Beach Resorts

There are 6,700 beach hotels in the top ten countries with the most beach hotels in the world. Thailand has the most beach hotels, 1,250 with an estimated revenue of USD 10B. The five largest international hotel chains in the world have 27,000 hotels with a total of 3.9 million rooms corresponding to a revenue of USD 65B. Of the 27,000 hotels an estimated 700 are beach hotels.

Many of these are booked through the major travel agencies. 

LifeFinder will provide comfort to the guests at the beach resorts keeping track of children and family members and in case of a drowning emergency LifeFinder will provide detection of the incident and localise the victim in time for rescue